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Creative Learning Center is committed to a progressive educational approach
that values active engagement, creative self-expression, and community involvement!

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At Creative Learning Center, we believe that children learn best when they are actively engaged in creative and fun-filled learning experiences.  That’s why our progressive program is rooted in a passionate and fundamental love of learning!  For over 30 years, Creative Learning Center has been providing the ideal environment that nurtures and supports children’s developing capabilities and prepares them to be successful in our challenging global society.

Focusing on the whole child, we aspire to educate our students’ minds and hearts. We encourage our students to use their curiosity, imagination, and critical thinking skills in making meaningful connections to learning. Our culture embodies respect for individuality with the rewards of participation in a “kind and caring” community.

Meaningful learning experiences throughout the day offer opportunities for children to agree, disagree and work through their inquiries, ideas and problems.

Creative movement, art, dramatic play, cooking and music develop our students’ communication and critical thinking skills. Rich, diverse and constantly changing, our learning environment is based on the children’s emerging interests, ideas and questions. Certified early childhood educators facilitate our students’ learning processes.

At Creative Learning Center, relationships are valued and nurtured because we know that children thrive within the support of a caring community and we learn best when our brains are encouraged to “socially network.” Others call this a progressive educational environment. We just call it magical fun!

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