How many days should I send my child to preschool?

January 3rd, 2014 by Bonnie Pauska

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to deciding how many days your child should attend preschool. Whether your child attends three, four, or five mornings per week is ultimately a personal decision based on the particular needs of the child and family.  That being said, there is one critical factor parents should not overlook in this important decision: consistency. When a child attends preschool on a consistent basis, typically four consecutive days and often full-time five days per week enrollment, experience has shown that regularity of attendance with the same group of students and teachers encourages the child’s sense of security and self-confidence. The importance of routines and consistency for children cannot be overemphasized. They provide a sense of security and help young children thrive!   Offering your child a challenging yet supportive preschool experience will build a strong foundation for their future school years.

Alternatively, there is a downside in overbooking young children with too many after-school activities.  Developmentally, they need to have time to play freely in their own home environment.  Children require a balance of free play and a structured environment.  Rather than committing your child to a multitude of after-school programs, I recommend that the preferred route is to provide a consistent preschool schedule. This will set the stage to benefit your child’s overall development.