admissions process

At the Creative Learning Center, the admissions process begins in the fall prior to the year of enrollment. The admissions process is designed to help us to know you and your child and to assist you in getting to know our school.

The admissions office arranges interviews for families after we receive your COMPLETED application form along with the application fee of $25.00.  We will contact you to set up an appointment to come see the school.  During this appointment, one of the teachers will interact with your child to make an informal assessment of your child’s developmental level.  The Director will explain our philosophy and programs, followed by a tour of our facility.  By the end of the process, all of your questions will be answered.

If your child is applying to our primary learning community, we have a two-step admission process.  The first step is the initial interview with an informal assessment of your child. The second step in the admission process consists of a morning visit for your child along with a developmentally-appropriate assessment.  This 3-hour visit will be scheduled for a separate date from the parent tour and interview and will allow your child the opportunity to participate in the class activities.

Following your visit and interview, the Admissions Office will determine if we have an appropriate space available for your child. Priority enrollment is given to families who are already enrolled in our school.  Our classes are grouped heterogeneously and we make sure that each class has a suitable balance of ability levels.   There are also spaces designated for students who wish to combine morning preschool classes with an enrichment program or attend our full day preschool program.

If your child is accepted to our school, you will receive a legal contract that must be signed by the parents or guardians and returned within a designated time period.  A deposit is given along with the signed contract to demonstrate your intention of fulfilling the contract obligations.  Tuition is divided into four payments that are due on June 1, October 15, January 15, and March 15 of the school year.  A parent handbook that fully explains all aspects of our program is available for incoming students.