our directorHead of School:  Bonnie Brief Pauska

A graduate with distinction from Cornell University’s highly acclaimed Child Development program, Bonnie Brief Pauska is fully certified in Early Childhood Education and has invested over 30 years in public and private educational systems. Bonnie believes that learning is a life-long pursuit and thus, she continues her own professional education.  At the renowned Bank Street College of Education in New York City, Bonnie received a Masters of Education in Leadership in May of 2012. As part of her studies at Bank Street College of Education, she developed an exciting intergenerational arts program.  Her published thesis, “One Heart To Another: Building Intergenerational Relationships Between Early Childhood Students and Seniors,” is an ongoing action research study that has proven to promote greater empathy, understanding and acceptance of the elderly by young students.  She has presented her research at two national and international conferences, inspiring other educators to develop similar community service projects.  Her work with the children and seniors was filmed by Styrk. com and she was named as “Community Hero.”

Presently, Miss Bonnie is serving as a professional development facilitator for NYC’s Universal Pre-K program, a cutting edge initiative developed in coordination with the NYC Division of Education and Bank Street College of Education.   She loves helping teachers learn  best practices for educating preschoolers, including understanding how to create a high quality classroom environment that engages and supports children’s learning. She has also taught hundreds of educators how to develop a culturally-responsive curriculum.

She has been attending the “Learning and The Brain” program sponsored by Harvard University and M.I.T. for nine years and has presided at several of the conferences.  “Miss Bonnie” is an active member of the National Association of Education of Young Children (NAEYC).  She is the recipient of two educational grants and has authored “Creative Cooking for Kids.”

With her strong academic background, on-going participation in continuing education and direct classroom experience, Bonnie brings an incredibly researched and diverse set of knowledge and skills to Creative Learning Center. In her desire to develop one of the most progressive learning environments in the area, Bonnie has created an ideal learning environment for over 100 lucky students each year. Others may think it’s magic, but she’s perfected the formula.

Memberships: Phi Kappa Phi Honor society
Omnicron Nu Home Economics Honorary
Beta Rho Beta Music Honorary