enrichment2Enrichment A:  magical mystery tour
For students between three years six months and five years old.
When you venture on our magical mystery tour, anything can happen!Ogres run wild, dragons sing, and pirates sail to a land where imagination is king.  Grab your scuba gear as we dive down under the sea and don’t forget your binoculars as we forage through a tropical paradise!  Take magical wings and become airborne as we fly back in time to a land where dinosaurs roam freely or stop along the way at a medieval village with knights, princesses, and even fairies!  This class celebrates a child’s sense of wonder through fabulous and fanciful children’s literature, while simultaneously incorporating higher-level science and social studies concepts.  Enchanting art, music, drama, and cooking activities will allow our imaginative and kinesthetic skills to flourish!

Enrichment B:  fizz, bubble and pop
For students between three years nine months and six years old.
How do you turn a class of learners into a roomful of wide eyes and giggles?  The answer is by providing fascinating experiments that children will create and explore for themselves.  From spinning eggs to shadow and light rooms, these activities will turn your child into a super scientist!

We will investigate our five senses, kitchen chemistry, the solar system, our human body and more. For example, during our kitchen chemistry unit, our Fizz Bubble and Pop students will work with their own set of test tubes, mixing everyday kitchen ingredients and discovering what happens when certain ingredients are mixed.  They will bake cakes, leaving out an essential ingredient in each one. Will their predictions be correct?  They will find out when they see and taste the finished results!  Our goal is to stimulate you child’s sense of curiosity and discovery and help your child evaluate his or her natural surroundings.

Enrichment C:  world travelers
For students between four and six years old.
Grab your passport and imagination as we get ready to travel around the world!  Using literature and video as our guides, World Travelers is an exciting and challenging curriculum that expands children’s horizons beyond the school into the wider world.  Our young travelers will use foreign languages, art, cooking, science experiments, and song and dance to develop respect and understanding for other cultures.  History and geography concepts are stimulated through hands-on activities, while field trips further advance our “World Travelers” understandings. Some of the countries we have studied include Mexico, Japan, China, Russia, India, France, Italy, Australia, Israel, Costa Rica, and Kenya.

Enrichment D:  hello america
For students between four and six years old.
From lobstering in Maine to apple-picking in Washington, children will visit every corner of our glorious country and learn about each state’s unique history and personality.  The USA will come alive through arts, social studies, science and cooking.  Great literature and special field trips will help make our journey even more exciting!  With each state, we focus on one important aspect. For example, when studying the state of Vermont, we learn about the maple trees and maple syrup. We read a non-fiction book or two to learn more about the process of maple syruping and then a fun fictional tale such as Pancakes, Pancakes. Following this, the children will have the opportunity to cook their own pancakes and pour on Vermont maple syrup and compare it to corn syrup. Using our senses helps us learn even more about Vermont!

enrichment E:  innovation station
For students between three-years nine-months and six years old. Brochure
Throughout the year, our INNOVATORS will explore topics such as structural engineering and design of bridges, castles, and monuments around the world. We will put on our investigator’s cap as we study and test different forms of energy and how energy impacts our daily lives. We’ll take risks as we figure out how to create our own water slide or build a skyscraper with everyday materials. Through trial and error, we will find out how simple machines work. We can’t wait to build our own simple machines! Our students’ interests will inspire us to create new studies throughout the school year.

Enrichment F:  oodles & doodles
For students between three and six years old. Brochure
Our students will discover famous artists who changed the way people see and understand art. Our students will study painters, sculptors,
architects, and scientists-all through the lens of art. Can you imagine traveling back in time to the Renaissance and meeting Leonardo da Vinci or sitting in Monet’s garden and painting the water lilies? Frank Lloyd Wright and Antoni Gaudi will inspire us with their architectural designs as well as their creativity in other areas. Throughout the year, we will travel to new destinations where we will discover new and old cultural arts. In West Africa, we will explore the vibrant colors and unique designs incorporated into their traditional fabrics, while in ancient Egypt, we will discover the importance of beading. Connecting our art to studies of cultures and histories will expand our students’ minds as well as their creativity. Join us on this artistic adventure!