our-programs-preschool-a2 years 10 months – 5 years

Creative Learning Center offers a flexible preschool program designed to meet the needs of a diverse community of parents. Parents can choose from three, four or five mornings per week as well as adding our exciting afternoon enrichment programs based on your needs and your child’s interests. We accommodate working parents with a full day program plus flexible options for before and after care. Call us to discuss your specific needs and we’ll try to accommodate your particular situation.

mixed age groupings

To encourage self-esteem and competence, our classrooms have mixed-aged groupings.  We understand that children do not all learn at the same rate or in the same manner and we make sure that each individual’s needs are met.  Mixed aged grouping encourages cooperative learning, leadership and pro-social behaviors.

certified teachers

In our preschool classrooms, our certified early childhood educators develop creative, meaningful learning activities that reach the hearts and minds of our young students. Because of our low student-teacher ratio, the teachers enjoy working with the children in small groups or individually every day. Our reading and mathematics curriculums are differentiated according to ability levels and the children are encouraged to work at the edge of their developing abilities.


Play is an essential part of our daily program because we believe that play is at the heart of all learning. Through play, our students make sense of the world and their place within it. Play encourages children to develop important language and cognitive skills as well as social-emotional competence. When children are playing, they are actively engaged and intrinsically motivated-both qualities that are proven to lead to school success. Children are figuring out their own rules and using problem-solving strategies to do so.  They are learning how to cooperate and communicate ideas with each other. Language skills are fostered as the children negotiate roles in play. Through pretend play, they are able to work through feelings, anxieties, and fears.  This fantasy play helps them gain mastery of their feelings and a stronger sense of self!

research-proven curriculum

We plan a challenging curriculum that is integrated across disciplines such as reading, mathematics, science, social studies, cooking, art, drama, and creative movement activities.  These themes extend from two to six weeks in length and are guaranteed to excite your child about the world around him or her.  We follow the philosophies of Piaget, Vygotsky and Dewey in that we expand your child’s world by offering developmentally-appropriate content that is challenging, yet supported.  While children are busy playing in our various learning centers in each classroom, we recognize that the activities are helping to develop different areas of your child’s developing brain.

focus on the arts

At Creative Learning Center, the arts are an avenue for authentic self- expression and communication. The art process is central to young children’s development in all areas. In our Art Studio, the preschoolers work in small groups with a certified art teacher /artist who engages the children in the creative process. Diverse artistic materials encourage our students to explore and discover! Daily music, drama, and open-ended movement experiences support the child’s emerging sense of self, while enhancing creative expression.