Summer Camp is Just Around the Corner!

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NEW CLUB: Calling All Engineers!

For students interested in using their creative minds to solve real-world problems! Please visit our Forms page HERE.

ImagineersWhat makes a boat float? How does an airplane fly? What makes an engine start? The Imagineers will discover Newton’s third law of motion by blasting off balloon powered rockets as we learn about aerospace engineering. We will use centrifugal force and kinetic energy to develop rollercoaster engineering with marble ramps and loops we create and design. As we find the electrical engineers in ourselves, we will tap into the minds of Nikola Tesla to explore how electrical currents flow through circuits in our own inventions. To help save our planet, we will create and design better ways to help our gardens, such as a school composter out of our trash. And if that wasn’t enough, we will be mechanical engineers and innovators who will imagine and develop our very own robots!
book cooks’ club

For students between three years six months and six years old.

Book CooksConnecting hands-on cooking projects to children’s literature helps our students discover new science, math, nutrition, health and social skills-all with a “pinch” of laughter and fun. Join the club where kids can “gobble up” a great book while “mixing” up math, “simmering” some science and “tasting” geography!  At our Book Cooks Club, we will inspire imagination and creativity as we create tasty delights and sumptuous dishes.  Our theme each week will encourage our little chefs to develop an appetite for yummy aware-winning children’s literature. Our young chefs will grow with confidence and knowledge as they create exciting recipes during our fun-filled afternoon classes.

To register for our semester-long clubs, please visit our Forms page HERE.

junior architects’ club

Calling all builders and construction engineers! Are you interested in becoming a junior architect? Well, this is the club for you!

Junior ArchitectsOn Monday afternoons, from 11:45-2:30, the Junior Architects will be engaged in building with blocks, legos, cardboard boxes, wood, and other exciting materials. Why, you may ask? Because when children work with blocks, they are developing important processes of inquiry such as observing, comparing, classifying, predicting, and interpreting. Scientific thinking is stimulated as a child discovers and invents new forms, compares and classifies different sizes and shapes, tests out ideas of “What will happen if…?” or when she learns to use clues to predict certain outcomes because she has become familiar with the properties of the blocks with which she builds. Unknown to our Junior Architects, they will be learning by doing. They will be investigating fundamental concepts which contribute to future cognitive and aesthetic growth. Our junior architects work on our buildings in depth, document our buildings in a variety of ways, and discuss our buildings together. We study architectural styles, housing, and communities and find ways to represent them through our building work. Woodworking enables us to add our own constructed materials to our building projects.

To register for our semester-long clubs, please visit our Forms page HERE.